A tid bit about Tuna!

I love tuna! Tuna is a great source of protein to provide you with satiety throughout your work day. It is also a great source of iron.
Iron is extremely important to our bodies as it is a mineral that carries oxygen throughout your body. The iron found in animal sources (fish, meat, poultry) like tuna, is known as heme-iron. This is readily absorbed in our bodies. 75g or 2.5 oz of canned tuna (in water) contains 1.2 mg of iron. (There is ~120g in canned tuna).

In one full can of Cloverleaf Flaked White Tuna you will get 32g of protein! WOWsers! This is why it is such a great protein source to keep you full and satisfied throughout the day. Protein is extremely important to muscle synthesis and development.

Choose tuna canned in water to avoid extra fat added (e.g. avoid tuna canned in olive oil).

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